East Africa

More than ten million people in East Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti) are being affected by the worst drought in 60 years.  Thousands of children have died and millions face starvation unless aid arrives soon.

The lack of food and water make many of the affected travel several miles on foot to reach refugee camps where the local and international organizations provide food and help the sick. Unfortunately, many children do not survive the trip and mothers are forced to abandon their children dying in the road, sick and dehydrated, in order to save the rest of her children.

The price of basic food has risen to levels unaffordable for most people. Weak animals and the collapse of livestock markets have reduced people’s ability to consume and sell their cattle, hence affecting their income and their ability to buy essential goods.

Thousands have already died and if nothing is done many will soon follow.  Lets work together to bring aid to those that need it the most!

Everyone can do something.

We are supporting aid agencies that have launched a major emergency response throughout the region - that is already in place - to provide aid.



Save the Children


Doctors without Borders